Replace a failed disk on a 3ware RAID

3wareFor changing an hard drive on 3ware raid card. I need to play with with twi-cli tools.

In my case, the failed hard drive to change is located on port0 of the controller.

First the controller must remove the disk from the array

# tw-cli /c0/p0 remove

Then i physically remove the drive

Next insert your new drive.

And ask to tw-cli to search the new drive

# tw-cli /c0 show
# tw-cli /c0 rescan

To start the rebuilding process on port0:

# tw-cli /c0/u0 start rebuild disk=p0 ignoreECC

Check the progress and RAID health:

# tw-cli /c0 show

Usefull command:

# tw-cli /c0/u0 pause rebuild
# tw-cli /c0/u0 resume rebuild

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